Our values, your spirit

Televic sticks to four values to scrutinize the performance of both the company and its employees.

Innovation is considered a key skill. Our employees must be forward-thinking individuals who are well suited to the market they work in.

We listen to our customers and to their needs. Working for Televic requires flexible thinking and practices. This means that you can easily deal with changes, shifting priorities, unexpected events and that you are willing to learn and to assimilate new requirements.

No-nonsense mentality
Televic only commits to assignments that are realistic. We expect our employees to be realistic and to keep both feet on the ground. Only in this way the desired – and promised – results can be obtained.

Our systems are not only extremely efficient but they need to keep operating optimally over a long period. Televic aims at the same stability and sustainability in its relationship with its employees and is committed to investing both in people and in technology.