As a high-tech company, Televic depends on its employees' talents: innovative, eager to learn, flexible, sustainable. That's the only way we can reinforce our market dominance and expand internationally. Televic offers you the perfect environment to cultivate your talent. It's an inspiring corporate culture, where over-used corporate buzzwords such as 'teamwork', 'freedom' and 'sharing knowledge' actually do have a meaning.

Besides the appropriate remuneration package our people can count on a peaceful environment within a stable group, an ‘innovation culture’ where ideas can grow and take shape in cutting-edge communication technologies. Where teamwork and working independently are both equally important and where everyone has the privilege of putting their stamp on the final product and see the actual outcome of their efforts.

A career at Televic does not necessarily end where it starts. On the contrary – we are committed to ‘The right person in the right place’. By incorporating evaluation together with development programs, we ensure that every employee has the best possible development opportunities. We see that it is only through this shared development that both you and Televic will prosper.




  • Audiovisual

    Televic Audiovisual S.A. has taken over the audiovisual activities of Auvipartners which results in a firm presence of Televic Audiovisual as integrator on the Belgian-Luxemburg market.

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  • Rail

    Eurostar International Ltd has appointed Televic Rail, in cooperation with Orange Business Services, the contract to provide various on-board passenger information systems in respect of Eurostar’s existing fleet of trains.

    Eurostar, the high-speed passenger service linking London with mainland Europe, recently announced a £700 million investment in its fleet including the complete overhaul and refurbishment of the existing fleet as well as the purchase of 10 new e320 trainsets from Siemens.

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  • Healthcare

    Techno girls at Televic
    Girls from the 5th and 6th degree of the primary school were invited to be introduced to the girl power of Televic.   


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  • Conference

    Izegem (Belgium), February 9th, 2012
    Televic Conference expands its footprint in Scandinavia and signs a distribution agreement with a new partner in this region. Audico Systems will take up distribution in Finland.

    website Televic Conference

  • Education

    AvidaXambox: the new mobile and flexible solution for taking assessments
    With the AvidaXambox Televic Education offers organizations and companies a complete mobile and flexible solution, to organize and execute evaluations, exercise sessions and assessments, where they want, when they want, whenever they want.

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